Crags Community School

School Ethos

At Crags Community School we believe that in order to nurture the ‘Team Crags’ ethos there are five main elements;


A strong school community is essential and each part must work together in order to achieve its full potential.  Our school community involves the children, parents/carers, wider families, staff, governors and other stakeholders.  The school provides the same opportunities for all, giving each part of the community a voice to be heard.  We embrace diversity and promote a safe environment in which to generate happiness and togetherness.


Positive relationships within the school value each individual’s opinions, knowledge and skills, whilst offering support, in a caring and helpful way.  We expect all members of the school community to show kindness, empathy and respect to one another.  Communication is crucial and needs to be conducted with fairness, transparency and within appropriate boundaries of a friendly and sharing platform.


As a school we are motivated, committed and passionate about inspiring and engaging with each other to excite the will to dream, believe and achieve.  We believe that dedication and imagination creates access for all, enables a sense of pride and achievement, and creates an environment where anything is possible.


In order to grow together we embrace change and welcome new ideas. We aim to support the wellbeing of our community by valuing all individuals, promoting their talents, abilities, skills and specialisms.  We continually review our curriculum offer to ensure it best meets the need of our community.  As a school we aim to try new things and be forward thinking in our approach.  We aim to show strength and resilience, daring to be different, with a determined and confident self-belief.


Success is measured in a range of ways; it is not just about outcomes and end products but about ensuring that building blocks are provided, in place and enable an enriching, holistic learning journey of progress to take place.  We wish to engage, develop and grow our learners through fun and exciting new opportunities.  The whole school community should feel a sense of identity and worth and gain pride and reward when celebrating their hard work and achievements.