Crags Community School

Home Learning

Please find below updated links, resources and information to help support home learning with your children.  


Links to updates and important information are also being shared via the school twitter page @CragsSchool so please ensure that you follow the school account.  All you need is an email address to set up an account.

Please follow the school twitter page @CragsSchool for quick updates. 

We must stress that children should not have twitter pages, these are for parents only.


Each child has been given a log in for See Saw.  This is a programme which allows teachers to upload work and resources to support with any home learning plans.  Teachers can comment on the work and children can share what they have completed at home.  Access to the website can be found here - SeeSaw

If you need any help with accessing the programme then please let us know so we can help you - here is a guide to getting started with the app - How to use the SeeSaw app

It is really important that completed work is shared with us where possible so we can give appropriate feedback and support in next steps.  Please upload this as soon as possible on the same day this has been set, preferably before 3pm.

Parent Tips


Reading aloud at home continues to be vitally important. You may even get your child to read their own writing aloud, attempting to add expression appropriate to the sentence.

When children are writing outside of school – or when you are looking at school work with them – why not discuss their choices of vocabulary?


There are plenty of opportunities for maths practice at home, from counting objects to simple games, such as dominoes and Snakes & Ladders. You can also begin to explore using money and clocks both in play at home and when out and about.

Playing traditional games, such as battleships or even draughts and chess, is great way of helping your child think logically or to look at the relationship between shapes, numbers and co-ordinates.