Crags Community School


Regular attendance is vital to children’s success in school.  The school, therefore, places a high priority on encouraging good attendance.

Attendance Expectations

attendance leaflet sept 2022.pdf

Attendance Facts

Child's % Attendance Days Off Weeks Missed Per Year
95% 10 2 weeks
90%  19 Almost 4 weeks
85% 29 Almost 6 weeks
80% 38 Over 7 weeks


Being frequently late for school adds up to lost learning;

  • Arriving 5 minutes late every day adds up to over 3 days lost each year
  • Arriving 15 minutes late every day adds up to 2 weeks absence a year
  • Arriving 30 minutes late every adds up to 19 days absence a year

Illness and Appointments

The school day has two attendance sessions.  If your child seems unwell in the morning but seems better by lunchtime, please bring them into school for the afternoon session, this will help to keep your child’s attendance as high as possible.  If your child ever has to have an emergency medical appointment, please ensure that you try to make it at the beginning or end of a school day, this way your child would only miss a maximum of half a day for the appointment. 

Leave of absence during Term Time

If you wish to take your child out of school for ANY reason during term time, you must formally request this in writing, addressed to the Headteacher.  This applies whether it is for 1 day or a longer period.  Periods of absence during term time can only be authorised by the Head and then ONLY in exceptional circumstances.

Please remember in order for your request to be considered by the Head, you must make the request prior to the absence, giving at least 28 days notice, otherwise it is always unauthorised.

If you have a period of unauthorised absence during term time, you may be subject to referral for a fixed penalty notice issued by the local authority which at present is £60 per child per adult.  This will increase to £120 per child per parent if not paid within 28 days.


The school year has 190 days for pupils to attend a year.  There are 175 days per year when your child does not have to attend school.  These days could be used to spend time together, go on family visits, visit friends and family, go on holiday, go shopping, go on days out and attend routine appointments.