Crags Community School


Admissions 2024-25

Following consultation it has been confirmed that from September 2024 Crags Community School will be reducing its PAN to 45.  Please view the admissions policy for 2024-25 here.

School Policy

Please click on the link to view the current school admission policy here.

Pre-School (2-3 Years)

Please follow the link below for details on the qualifying criteria and how to check your eligibility for a funded 2 year old place.  Application request forms for a place in pre-school should be made directly to the Headteacher and are available from reception.

2 Year Funding Information and Application

Foundation One (3-4 Years)

A foundation stage 1 is normally three terms attendance, commencing in the autumn term one year before entry to foundation stage 2 or reception class or the September after your child turns 3.

Application request forms for a place in Foundation stage 1 class should be made directly to the Headteacher and are available from reception.  All children are entitled to 15 hours of free early education and school offers these over 5 days with morning or afternoon sessions.

For further details on the universal entitlement for 3 year old's please click the link below. 

Please note the school does not offer 30 hours childcare.

3 Year Funding Information

Foundation Two (4-5 Years)

You should be aware that gaining a place in our pre-school and/or foundation stage 1 does not guarantee that a place will be available for your child in our foundation stage 2 class.  Places are allocated by the Local Authority and you must make an application following the guidance below.

Primary Admissions


The closing date for receipt of applications is 15 January 2024.

Places will be allocated based on your residential address on 15th January 2024.

Any application made after this closing date is processed as a late application. If your application is late you will be far less likely to get in to your preferred school.

If you do not live in Rotherham you must contact your local Admissions Team for further advice.

If you submitted your application online you can log into your account on 16th April 2024 to view your school place offer. You will need to know your login details – the email account and password you used when you made your application. If you need a password reset, please ring us on 01709 823777 and we can send you a reset password link.

For information on primary school applications please click the link below: 

Primary Admissions 2024

Secondary Admissions

If your child was born between 1st September 2012 and 31st August 2013, you need to apply now for a secondary school place for 2023. 

If you do not live in Rotherham please contact your home authority. Applications made directly to us from Non-Rotherham residents cannot be accepted and you will be advised to re-submit your application to your home authority naming your preferred Rotherham school.

  • The Online application portal will open on 1st July 2023
  • You are advised to have read and taken account of the information in the Admissions to Secondary Booklet 2024 before making your application.
  • The Government has deemed the National Closing Date for receipt of applications as 31st October 2023. You are advised that your application should be submitted by this date. If your application is late, you will be far less likely to get a place in your preferred school.
  • Other local authorities will have different admission arrangements to Rotherham. If you are including a School in another authority on your application, we strongly advised you check this with your local authority before checking your application.
  • If you do not live in Rotherham, contact your local admission team for further advice.
  • Applications made directly to us from non-Rotherham residents cannot be accepted and you will be advised to re-submit your application to your home authority naming your preferred Rotherham school.

For information on secondary school applications please click the link below:

Secondary Admissions 2024

In-Year Transfers

For information regarding In-Year school transfers please click the link below:

Transferring School in Year


If your child’s application for a place at Crags Community School is unsuccessful, you will be informed why admission was refused and given information about the process for hearing appeals. If you wish to appeal, you must set out the grounds for your appeal in writing and send it to the following address: The Admissions Team Children & Young People’s Services Riverside House, (Wing 2C), Main Street Rotherham. S60 1AE Tel. 01709 823777