Crags Community School

Annual Reports and Accounts

It is a legal requirement for the Directors/Trustees and the accounting officer (usually the CEO) of a Multi Academy Trust to make statements on the progress of the MAT in the last 12 month period, which are included as sections of the annual accounts. These can be found on the Statutory Financial Information page on the Nexus Mat website or by following the link here.

The structure and content of the annual accounts follows a prescribed format as outlined in the ESFA’s Academies Accounts Direction, and the Board of Directors at Nexus MAT believe this doesn’t always make it as easy as it could be for our stakeholders to understand the achievements of the MAT in a business year.

As such, since 2019 the Trust has also published an annual report in conjunction with the annual accounts.  Please click on the link here to view to these documents.

Schools Financial Benchmarking

To compare the school or trust's income and expenditure with similar establishments in England you can view it's financial data, see how it compares with others.  Click on the link below for further information: 

Schools Financial Benchmarking Website